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A picture showing Oren, a deaf man using our app

You can receive accessible service in sign language for the following services:

BIG shopping complexes:

  • For the list of complexes click here
    (Sunday-Thursday 9:00-20:00)

“Kol Habriyut”

  • For a real-time conversation with the Ministry of Health's “Kol Habriyut” hotline click here
    (Sunday-Thursday 8:00-20:00 Friday 8:00-13:00)


Ichilov Hospital

  • To schedule an interpretation for your appointment at one of the outpatient clinics, click here
    (Sunday-Thursday 8:00-14:00)

  • For an immediate conversation with the public inquiries department, click here
    (Sunday-Thursday 8:00-14:00)



  • To speak with customer service click here (Sunday-Thursday service 8:00-17:00)

Ramat Gan Municipality (according to the operating hours of municipal departments)

  • To speak with the municipal call center click here

  • To speak with the engineering department Click here

  • to speak with the collection department Click here

  • To speak with the parking department Click h

Harel - Insurance:

  • click here For a real-time conversation with the “Harel” call center

Emergency calls to Ukraine

(Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00)

В связи с ситуацией в Украине мы помогаем глухим евреям в Украине общаться вживую с сурдопереводчиком, чтобы связаться с вашей семьей и посольством

Вы можете заказать перевод по ссылке

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