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Accessibility Statement.

General background

Our company strives to provide premium user experience on the website for the general public, including the disabled public. We invested immense effort in order to enable, facilitate and optimize the use of the website with an emphasis on this public’s needs. The site’s accessibility was executed to the AA level according to Israeli standard 5568, which is based on the national standard (WCAG 2.0)

How accessibility is reflected on the site

Navigation using only a keyboard and easy identification of the area in focus
* Changing color contrast (dark background color)
* Stop and play buttons for galleries
* Highlighting links (enabled when changing color contrast)
* Changing text color and background color for impaired Color vision and color blindness (activated when changing color contrast)
* Changing text color and background color for the visually impaired and color blind (activated when changing color contrast)
* Textual description for images and icons for assistive technologies
* Accessibility of menus, forms, title hierarchy, tab components, pop-ups and more
* Site map for easy and quick access to the various website pages
* accessibility statement with an explanation regarding compatibility, gaps and accessibility officer

The suitability of accessibility was examined with auxiliary means such as screens and various devices and included the use of assistive technologies such as screen readers (NVDA)

:Changing the font size is done using the keyboard

+to increase the font size, press the keys: Ctrl

-to decrease the font size, press the keys: Ctrl

How to use the accessibility plug-in

The accessibility plug-in is active at all times on the website and there is no need for any special action to activate it, clicking the button to change the colors in the plug-in changes the background color, changes the text color and highlights links. Keyboard navigation by using the TAB button to jump to different content areas

Browser compatibility

The site has been tested on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers in their latest versions.

Details of the company’s accessibility officer

Full Name: ShirlI Penker
Phone Number: 054-6495490
Last Update: 08/01/2023

ClarificationUnfortunately, despite the many efforts and resources we have invested in making the site accessible, some of the content may still be less accessible, therefore if you nevertheless encountered a gap in accessibility that interferes and makes it difficult to browse the site properly and easily - we are happy to receive your inquiry on the matter. Our apologies in advance

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