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Join us on our journey towards the next international revolution.

A picture showing a deaf woman and a service provider using our app

Approximately 90 million deaf people start their lives at a disadvantage due
to the fact that the hearing majority are unfamiliar with their language - sign language.

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A picture showing a deaf woman using our app

We aim to simultaneously impact the present and make history.

Sign Now is an international start up that specializes in on-demand sign language interpretation for the deaf community - Anywhere and anytime.

Our company is made up of a combination of both deaf and non-deaf employees. The professional aspect is managed entirely by our deaf managers, who stand at the forefront of all our activity.

Over the past 5 years, we have succeeded in bringing international recognition to sign language.

Our App.

The Sign Now io App is a service-based technology that connects between the deaf community and sign language interpreters.
We offer a variety of video call options including call-back, on-demand, and pre-scheduled calls, all with minimum clicks involved. And the highlight is – it’s free for the deaf community with our B2B & B2G business models.
Following extensive and in-depth research, we have succeeded in refining and determining our deaf users’ needs.

iphone 12 pro
iphone 12 pro

Why Us?

A combination of technology and human touch as it relates to sign language translation. Sign language translation is one of the only domains in which the human touch is more important than the corresponding technology.

Our International Vision

Sign Now is the only international social start-up that provides on-demand sign language services across the globe.
We are challenging the status quo in the international sign language interpretation market by creating the most advanced solutions at the social, business and technological levels.
Concurrently, and of no less importance - we aim to provide the option of making large physical events accessible to sign language interpretation, as we did successfully with the Eurovision song contest.


Interested in collaborating?

Our Global Impact Goals - SDGs 

By measuring our social impact, we learn, adapt, and grow. 

Hands are holding together

We work for the deaf community.

We work day and night, to assure that the deaf community receives the highest standard of sign language interpretation that will help create true equality.​

We are creating global history. Right Now. 

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