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A photo showing Sarah, a deaf woman using our app

Full accessibility for deaf customers​.

A real-time video call between the service provider, interpreted into sign language, and the deaf client. Join the Sign Now revolution and make all of your services accessible to deaf customers.

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Social positioning and corporate responsibility

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Full accessibility

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The Accessibility Law

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business potential: expanding the circle of customers

 In accordance with the
Accessibility Law,
every business is obliged to make
its services accessible also to deaf
people who speak sign language.

A picture showing Oren, a deaf man using our application

Accessible. Convenient. Professional.

Our business customers benefit from making services accessible to deaf customers in the most convenient and professional way. With a monthly subscription that you purchase from us, you will receive:

An online communication App for use by deaf customers


An array of interpreters available for sign languages


Customer service and troubleshooting in real time for service providers and deaf customers


Ssettlement meetings with service providers and deaf customers Join now

Join Now.







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